You need your business to operate at optimum levels at all times. This requires access to information in a timely fashion. The speed with which this information travels is critical to your business. Your cabling infrastructure must support your applications and processes to promote this flow of information. When it comes to your cabling infrastructure, whether it be data, voice or video over copper or fiber optic media, you can rely on BTSIC’s structured cabling expertise and professionalism. Our project management model provides you with a single point of contact that is responsible for supplying you with updates and reports in a timely fashion. We combine the products you need and the service you expect to create a solution that will meet all your connectivity needs.


Long Distance Wireless Bridging

When installing Copper or Fiber lines is either not cost effective or just not feasible, we have the answer. We can provide a 300 Mbps Private link up to 5 miles apart. We have implemented this solution for IP Cameras, Voice Solutions, and Data Connectivity between Office Buildings and Apartment Properties.