Case Study

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A property called us out to get a quote on a new CCTV Camera System. They mentioned that they have had some issues on the other side of the property where the Maintenance room is. They also said that they wished the maintenance office could have phone and data service.

In order to get connectivity to the Maintenance Office, we implemented our Long Distance Wireless Bridging and it took less than 2 hours to set up the 2 small antennae.

We installed IP Cameras to cover the areas of concern. Because they found the pricing so favorable over the other bids, they requested an additional 4 cameras to cover the pool and parking areas in High Definition.

Next, we moved their phone service to us. This allowed them to have an actual phone system that did more than they expected. We replaced their answering service and 911 Pool phone contract as well.

We saved them 64% off their phone bill, they received a free phone system and some really cool features. We showed them that could call their cameras and talk to the person in the room and view the cameras from any device, even their cell phone.

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