Retail client with back end offices on location.

We were called out to troubleshoot several PCs at 8 locations. Most issues were basic Malware / Virus and aging PCs.

We sat down with the Manager to discuss our findings. He explained that they are constantly sending out technicians and since Malware and Virus clean up often take hours, the cost was out of hand.

As with most companies now, they primarily use web applications for business functions with moderate Word Processing. We decided roll out Thin Clients to one of their stores. Thin Clients are small devices that connect the user to a Remote Desktop Service in the cloud that is fully managed.

Here are the advantages that they realized:

  • No more sending technicians out to fix issues.
  • Save on Hardware Costs. No more purchasing of new PCs.
  • Increased Business agility. Employees can work from home.
  • Disaster Recovery built in.
  • End User Manageability and Security
  • Application roll outs with a click of a mouse.
  • It’s Green. Lower Energy Costs, Lower E-waste

    We eventually rolled out Thin Clients to all the other locations as well.

    During the rollouts, we found out that they were paying a monthly telephone system rental for a system that was over 15 years old with zero features.

    Monthly Costs at each site with previous Vendor: $175.00 Phone System Maintenance Plan for old PBX Key systems. $690.00 Phone Bill to local phone company for phone lines.

    We came in and gave them a free phone system that connected all the stores together.

    Employees where happy because they could now use headsets, transfer calls between stores, fax to email, and much more.

    Corporate was happy with the increased productivity with better call routing, higher morale, and most off all the savings.

    We saved them a whopping 45% on their telecom costs. This included a managed T1 circuit at the store locations for voice delivery.

    Yes.. We are that Awesome.