We love our medical clients. The hectic schedules, phones ringing off the hook. They just want things to work and work well with no intervention needed. Well.. Leave it us.

HIPAA compliance is a real thing and it is starting to nip at the heals of many Medical Providers.

HIPAA Network Compliance Reporting and Network Securitycan be scary. You need to be protected. Are you still using that router that was bought at the electronics store or the expensive firewall that some technician sold you and forgot about? Chances are, they are a liability. Please review our HIPAA and PCI Security. We can give you peace of mind for a lot less than you think.

Will your current voice provider sign a BAA? We will. We take vast measures to ensure the privacy and security of our clients' data and information, both on and off our network. Our servers are housed in multiple redundant, high grade security data centers. Our staff are educated on HIPAA best practices and our network forces PCI and HIPAA Compliance.


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